80 Point Remote Provides Dense TL1 Alarm Collection

NetGuardian 480 TL1 alarm collection RTU

NetGuardian 480
TL1 Alarm Collection RTU

With the NetGuardian 480 TL1 from DPS Telecom, large-scale alarm monitoring comes to TL1 alarm collection. In a easy-to-use, one-unit package, you get enough alarm coverage for an entire site, mediated to TL1 and forwarded to your TL1 operations support center.

Quick Summary Review

Pros: TL1 alarm collection for large sites
Cons: Only mediates contact closures; not right for all monitoring applications

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TL1 operations support plus redundant backup monitoring

The NetGuardian 480 TL1 mediates all alarms to TL1 autonomous messages and forwards them to your TL1 alarm collection master.

The unit can also record and queue up to 100 TL1 autonomous messages. If your TL1 alarm collection master goes down, you'll still have a record of alarm events.

The NetGuardian 480 also supports geodiverse redundant monitoring. The unit can also report alarms to DPS' master unit, the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System, giving you an additional backup in case of TL1 system failure.

There's more alarm reporting options. With different firmware loaded, the NetGuardian 480 can support SNMP or TABS.


The NetGuardian 480 TL1 is all about alarm capacity. The unit supports 80 contact closure alarms, which is enough to cover common alarms for almost any medium or large site: power supplies, door and gate alarms, and revenue-generating equipment.

The NetGuardian 480 also has four control relays for remote operation of door locks, generators, fire systems and other on-site equipment.

Don't look here for extras like analog alarms or serial ports. The great feature of the NetGuardian 480 TL1 is what's left out the unit focuses on providing TL1 and SNMP mediation of contact closure alarms, without adding on extra features.

The NetGuardian 480 TL1's single-minded design makes large-scale monitoring highly affordable, since you don't have to pay for features you don't want.

NetGuardian 480 TL1 TL1 alarm collection RTU application
The NetGuardian 480 supports T/Mon as well as your TL1 operations support system, making it a great unit for geodiverse backup monitoring.

Physical unit

The NetGuardian 480 TL1 works well in any standard telco operating environment. The unit is 1 RU high, mountable in standard 19 and 23 rack, and requires a 48 volt DC power supply. Dual 48 volt power inputs are provided to accommodate a backup power source.

NetGuardian 480 TL1 alarm collection RTU rear panel
The NetGuardian 480 forwards 80 contact closure alarms to your TL1 operations support center. Note the connectors for dual –48 volt DC power inputs. (All images courtesy of DPS Telecom.)

NetGuardian 480 specifications

Alarm capacity: 80 contact closures
Alarm qualification time: Adjustable from 100 to 9,000 msec
Control relays: 4
Dimensions: 1.75" H x 17" W x 12" D
Weight: 4 lbs. 3oz. (1.9 kg)
Mounting: 19" or 23" rack
Power Input: 48VDC (40 to 70 VDC)
Current Draw: 250 mA
Fuse: 0.5 Amp GMT
Operating Temperature: 32°140° F (0°60° C)
Operating Humidity: 0%95% non-condensing  

Extra features

The NetGuardian 480 TL1 supports these additional monitoring features:

Internal real-time clock: The NetGuardian 480 TL1's on-board chronometer can be synchronized to Internet Time Protocol servers, adding accurate time/date stamps to TL1 autonomous messages.

Alarm qualification times: The unit supports adjustable alarm qualification time of 100 to 9,000 milliseconds, filtering out nuisance alarms like oscillating and temporary conditions.

Bottom Line

The NetGuardian 480 TL1 is a highly capable unit that should be seriously considered by any network manager who wants high-capacity alarm monitoring for TL1 operations support. Compared to most alarm units on the market, the NetGuardian 480 TL1's alarm density makes for the most sensible cost per point ratio.

The only reason you might not be interested in the NetGuardian 480 TL1 is its lack of extra features, like analog alarms, reach-through ports, and other advanced features. But when you consider what it's designed to do, the NetGuardian 480 TL1 is a pretty smart choice.

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